Engaging, educational activities for everyone from toddlers to adults. Bring a friend, your family, or a whole group. There's so much to do!

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Interactive Games

Our games provide age-appropriate, challenging, fun, and safe ways to experience and understand the candy-making process.

  • Video games with Touchless Control Technology
  • Stimulating STEM-focused activities for toddlers to adults
  • Joy-stick controlled 6-axis robotic arms to grab and sort candy
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Candy World Theater Tour

Enter our theater to experience a life-size tour of our factory on a huge screen. Viewers will see close-up details of the candy-making process in a sensory experience that brings the tour to life. Our movie will educate AND entertain as an important candy maker goes missing. Help us find him!

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STEM Interactive Experiences

Students and adults alike will be inspired by our educational STEM activities. Play games using Touchless Control Technology, operate a six-axis robot, use additive color to change the hues of giant Dum-Dums, and watch our changing holographic projection images. Interesting challenges for all ages!

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Robotic Stations

Take on the challenge of operating our six-axis robotic arm to figure out how many Dum-Dum Pops can go into the hopper before it spills out. This robotic arm is similar to the robots used in our factory production process.

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Photo Opportunity Zones

Get out your cameras for some great family/friend photo and selfie opportunities!

  • Use your head to become the Dum-Dums Drum Man.
  • Choose from our fun props to express your feelings with your love or your bestie in our Sweethearts Chapel.
  • Finish your visit with a trip to our Dum-Dums Water Tower Photo Op spot!

Sweethearts Chapel

Create your own conversation with your friends and loved ones in our Sweethearts Chapel. Choose from a variety of props to share a message, describe your relationship, or even propose!

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Learn & Play Kiosks

Our video games use Touchless Control Technology, which interprets human movement and gestures to play candy-making games such as Speedy Delivery, Candy Cane Picker, Dum-Dums Inspector, Sorting Candy, Confectioner Apprentice, and Operation Candy Drop. Every game has multiple levels to conquer.

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Historical Artifacts & Experiences

Our extensive display of artifacts and information inspire visitors to explore Spangler Candy Company's rich history. Learn about people, products, the community, business philosophies, and unique experiences of the Spangler family and the company since its beginnings in 1906.

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Gift Shop

Visit our store to find a wide selection of merchandise, including clothing, drinkware, baby items, home goods, small gifts, and of course, candy. Our unique merchandise designs allow you to share your favorite candy brands as well as your experiences in and around Spangler Candy World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase a gift basket?

Yes! Choose from Spangler Candy World's wide selection of baskets for every occasion. For information about custom baskets, ask one of our sales associates.

Can I order items from the store to be shipped?

We do not offer shipping. Some of our items are available for purchase and shipping at

Can I buy a gift card from Spangler Candy World?

Spangler Candy World does sell gift cards. Cards are available for purchase in our store, 131 South Main Street, Bryan, in the amount of your choice.

What kind of candy can I buy at Spangler Candy World?

We offer all varieties of candy made by Spangler Candy Company, including Dum-Dums, Spangler Circus Peanuts, Necco Wafers, Sweethearts, Bit-O-Honey, Starburst Pops, and candy canes, all in a variety of flavors and package styles. Seasonal candy such as candy canes and Sweethearts are available year-round. We also sell chocolates made by Dietsch's Chocolates of Findlay, Ohio.

Hours & Directions

Hours & Directions

Convenient days and times, Easy to find.

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Visiting Bryan, OH

Visiting Bryan, OH

So much to see and do in our community!

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